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New Pictures of Claudia Bahilo Alpuente in:

  Luxor, Egypt (March 2008)
Tetouan, Morocco (August 2007)
Estoril, Portugal (April 2007)
La Martinica, French Antilles (January 2007)
Prague, Czech Republic (August 2006)
Ibiza, Spain (June 2006)
Tozeur Desert, Tunisia (April 2006)
La Romana, Dominican Republic (January 2006)
At home, in Sagunto, Spain (with my cousin Elena), Christmas Eve 2006, 2005
Paris, France (November 2005)
Florida, USA (April 2005)
Seville, Spain (April 2007, November 2004)
Warner Park Madrid, Spain (October 2004)
Canary Islands, Spain (October 2004)
Marraketch, Morocco (October 2003)
Mallorca, Spain (August 2003)
Riviera Maya, Mexico (May 2002)
Cuernavaca, Mexico (April 2002)

Hola, I'm Claudia Bahilo Alpuente


This is my sister Paloma:


I am 8 and Paloma is 14

Some years ago.. having fun

Look at us when we were both 1 year old:


I like butterflies, teddy bears and  fairy tales 

Paloma likes art nouveau,
flowersand Halloweenn parties!

and we both love music and victorian dollhouses


This is our mum:

Try to guess who is with mummy in each photo:


Our dad

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