The increased complexity of Web sites and the explosive growth of Web-based applications has turned their design and construction into a challenging problem. Nowadays, many companies have diverted their Web sites into interactive, completely-automated, Web-based applications (such as Amazon, on-line banking, or travel agencies) with a high complexity that requires appropriate specification and verification techniques and tools. Systematic, formal approaches to the analysis and verification can address the problems of this particular domain with automated and reliable tools that also incorporate semantic aspects.

WWV was founded by María Alpuente and Moreno Falaschi in 2005. It has taken place anually since. WWV provides a forum for researchers from the communities of Rule-based programming, Automated Software Engineering, and Web-oriented research to facilitate the cross-fertilization and the advancement of hybrid methods that combine the three areas.

Conference topics

We solicit original papers on formal methods and techniques applied to Web sites, Web services or Web-based applications, such as:

  • Rule-based approaches to Web site analysis, certification, specification, verification, and optimization.
  • Formal models for describing and reasoning about Web sites.
  • Model-checking, synthesis and debugging of Web sites.
  • Abstract interpretation and program transformation applied to the semantic Web.
  • Intelligent tutoring and advisory systems for Web specifications authoring.
  • Web quality and Web metrics.
  • Web usability and accessibility.
  • Testing and evaluation of Web systems and applications.