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 YEAR 2014 

  FLAP(version 1)

   Author/s: Óscar Sapena, Alejandro Torreño, Eva Onaindía


   FLAP is a partial-order planner that applies the least-commitment principle of traditional partial-order planning. FLAP fully exploits the partial ordering among actions of a plan. The search engine of FLAP uses a combination of different state-based heuristics and applies a parallel search technique to diversify the search in different directions when a plateau is found.


More details on this tool can be found here.



  FMAP: Forward-Chaining Cooperative Multi-Agent Planning System(version 1.0)

   Author/s: Alejandro Torreño, Eva Onaindía, Óscar Sapena


   FMAP is a fully-distributed general-purpose multi-agent planning (MAP) tool designed to cope with cooperative MAP tasks of any level of complexity. Planning tasks are described in a MAP language based on PDDL3.1 with some extensions to support privacy and information distribution.
FMAP performs a multi-agent weighed A* search, selecting plans according to a novel distributed heuristic function based on the notion of Domain Transition Graphs. Nodes in the search tree are partial-order plans built in a forward-chaining fashion.
This work has been developed under the project PlanInteraction: Planning as Interaction by Multiple Agents (TIN2011-27652-C03-01).


More details on this tool can be found here.




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