The application of new Computing Engineering technologies requires continuous improvement in industry. Current industrial environment demands for: (i) important expenses in technological innovation in these areas, (ii) a potential of improvement of industrial competitiveness due to the development of these technologies, (iii) great capabilities of collaboration among research centres and companies and (iv) the consideration as a priority technological area in the majority of developed countries. The main goal of this co-operation must be to obtain the highest efficiency in the transference of results to industrial tissue. There are external determining factors which favours R&D activity in this area in the institutional and managerial context.

The GTI-IA research group contributes with:

  • Scientific production.
  • Interaction with local, national and international industry.
  • Continuous participation in competitive research projects.
  • Continuous participation in european consortiums (companies and research centres).
  • Important formative labour, with a significative research staff and grants.
  • International presence through international organisms and program committees in journals and conferences.
  • Capability to organise national and international events.
  • Consolidated collaboration with several national and foreign universities.
  • Participation in thematic european networks.


Our projects are funded by the following institutions: