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Aims and Scope of the conference

The organizers kindly invite you to take part at the 16th International Conference on Membrane Computing, in Valencia, Spain on August 17-21, 2015.

The Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC) series was initiated by Gheorghe Paun as the Workshop on Multiset Processing in 2000. The first Workshop on Membrane Computing was organized in Curtea de Arges, Romania, in 2001. In 2010 it was transformed into a conference, CMC11. The last edition, CMC15, was held in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2014. The CMC series is organized under the auspices of the European Molecular Computing Consortium (EMCC).

The goal of CMC16 is to bring together researchers working in membrane computing and related fields, in a friendly atmosphere enhancing communication, cooperation and continuing the tradition of past meetings. Membrane computing is an area of computer science aiming to abstract computing ideas and models from the structure and the functioning of living cells, as well as from the way the cells are organized in tissues or higher order structures. It deals with membrane systems, also called P systems, which are distributed and parallel algebraic models processing multisets of objects in a localized manner (evolution rules and evolving objects are encapsulated into compartments delimited by membranes), with an essential role played by the communication among compartments and with the environment. Submissions of original papers on various topics of membrane computing are encouraged.

The conference is organized by the Research Group on Computation Models and Formal Languages at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

The Revised Selected Papers of the conference have been published as Springer LNCS Vol. 9504.