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NordiCHI 2010

International Workshop on the Interplay between User Experience and Software Development

I-UxSED 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 14, 2012

In conjunction with the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
(NordiCHI 2012) Copenhagen, Denmark, October 14-17, 2012
Activities Planned and Outcomes

   Activities will be organized in three phases: pre-, in- and post-workshop. This aims to ensure in-depth discussions on the topic.
  • Pre-workshop: Accepted papers will be shared among the participants, who will be strongly encouraged to read through them before attending the workshop. Besides, with the help of social media, such as LinkedIn, moderated online discussions can take place.
  • In-workshop:

    • Morning session: Accepted papers will be categorized into sets of five; 5 minutes will be allocated to each presentation. Presenters will be asked to highlight one take-away message based on their papers. After a set of five presentations are done, participants will be divided into five groups/tables to discuss one of take-away messages with the presenter being the moderator for 15-minutes. Individual presenter will report to the plenum how the group interpret his/her take-away message. Next set of presentation will be carried out in the same way. The set and group sizes will vary depending on the actual number of accepted papers.
    • Afternoon session: In practical exercises participants will be divided into small groups to derive redesign proposals from usability and UX evaluation feedback of an application. This aims to compare the outcomes as well as difficulties in analysing different types of feedback. Individual groups report to the plenum.
  • Post-workshop: Accepted papers will be compiled as the workshop proceedings downloadable from the TwinTide website. Discussion in the LinkedIn group will be sustained. We plan to contact a prestigious HCI journal (e.g. International Journal of Human Computer Studies) to produce a special issue on the interplay between UX evaluation and software development based on the best papers from the workshop.
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