3rd International Workshop on
Quality in Web Engineering
To be held in conjuntion with the
12th International Conference on Web Engineering
July 23-27, 2012
Berlin, Germany
[ICWE 2012]


The "Quality in Web Engineering" workshop (QWE) is aimed at bringing together professionals and researchers interested in discussing recent trends and perspectives in the role of quality in Web Engineering. The purpose of QWE is to assess the effectiveness of existing approaches for evaluating and managing the quality of Web resources (e.g., quality models, quality evaluation methods, information quality tools, logging tools, automatic metric capture tools, etc.), with the final objective of allowing researchers and practitioners to discuss recent trends and open issues. Special emphasis will be posed on Web Engineering methods, and the way in which their early artifacts (process and product models) can improve both the quality of the development process and the quality of the final applications and content.
This year’s edition will extend its scope to target the broader concept of quality both in Web processes, Web artifacts, Web products (applications, services) and in Web content. In particular, the workshop will try to encourage the discussion on the current trends in the creation of modern Web applications, commonly referred to as Web 2.0 applications.

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