Process Model


CASP-DM use CRISP-DM as a base. CRISP-DM is the most complete data mining methodology and has become the most widely used process for DM projects. The proposed six phases are still a good guide for the knowledge discovery process.

CRISP-DM is a general purpose process model that is a freely available, industry independent and technology neutral, and provides an overview of the life cycle of a data mining project. It contains the phases of a project, a set of tasks to be performed in each phase as well as the elements that are produced in each task (outputs) and the elements that are necessary to do a task (inputs).



CASP-DM (Context-Awarene Standard Process for Data Mining) is the extension of CRISP-DM for addressing specific challenges of machine learning and data mining for context and model reuse handling. CASP-DM put more emphasis in that the sequence of phases is not rigid.

See the phases for more details:

  1. Business understanding
  2. Data understanding
  3. Data preparation
  4. Modeling
  5. Evaluation
  6. Deployment