Contact Information

J. Guadalupe Ramos Díaz,,

Professor at Depto. de Sistemas y Computación, ITLP (México).
Member of Conacyt's TICs Research Network (México).

I have a PhD in Computer Science from DSIC, at Technical University of Valencia,  my advisor was  Germán Vidal leader of the MIST / ELP research group. Currently I have had the chance of participate with them in some joint works and research projects.

Postal Address:

J. Guadalupe Ramos Díaz
DSC, Instituto Tecnológico de La Piedad
Av. Tecnológico No. 2000
Col. Meseta de los laureles
La Piedad, Michoacán, México.
CP 59300
Tel  +(52) 3525262369 ext 110