The R+D Group MIST (MultI-paradigm Software Technology)

Project GENTLE (GENeric programming: Tools, Languages and Environments)


The main goal of this project is to develop new tools, languages and environments that provide automated support to the specification, monitoring, manipulation, and optimization of software systems with a rigorous formal basis. Clearly, the declarative programming paradigm offers an excelent framework to tackle these goals. However, it also suffers from several drawbacks that compromise its practical applicability: it is not adaptable to changing requirements, it is difficult to use for non-experts and, generally, it does not scale up well to "real" problems. In order to overcome these shortcomings, our project focuses on generic declarative programming, considering the multi-paradigm language Curry as a reference framework. To be precise, the aims of the project are as follows: KEY WORDS: Declarative multi-paradigm programming, generic programming, the language Curry, embedded specification languages, tools and environments.

Goals of the project

Composition of the research group

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