Dr. José H. Canós

ISSI-DSIC (Building 1F)

Universitat Politècnica de València

Camí de Vera s/n

E-46022 València, Spain

Phone + 34 96 387 7007 Ext 73588

Fax + 34 96 387 7359

E-mail jhcanos _at_ dsic.upv.es

Welcome to my homepage.  I’m an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science (DSIC) of the Technical University of Valencia (UPV). At the undergraduate level, I teach Software Engineering and Integration and Interoperability at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Informàtica. I also teach Digital Content Management at the Master on Software Systems Engineering and Technologies).

I lead the Software Engineering and Information Systems (ISSI) Research Group. My research interests include Emergency Management Systems, Document Engineering, Digital Libraries, Bibliography Management, and Software Engineering. 

I’m particularly interested in the application of modern techniques to the massive production of customized documents in high variability and reuse environments. The Document Product Lines approach is the result of the adaptation of software Product Line Engineering Techniques to the specification and management of document families. DPL was first applied to the development of customized emergency plans, and later used also in other domains such as the development of reusable learning objects in e-Learning environments and the production of cooking récipes. You may find more information about my research activities here.



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 · JISBD 2015: Program Chair

· ICT-DM’2015: PC Member

· ISCRAM 2015: Track Chair, PC Member, Best Paper Awards Board Member

· TPDL 2015: PC Member

· JCDL 2015: PC Member