Assignment 5


Description: 3D real-time visualization of a small area of terrain from its ortho-photo and DEM (Digital Elevation Model).

Additional description.

  1. -From two input images, an ortho and a DEM, create a simple 3D real-time terrain viewer

  2. -The DEM must be used in order to model the terrain as a mesh of triangles distributed in a plane where the height will be modulated with the value (0..255) of the pixels of the DEM

  3. -Additionally, the heights can be scaled by a user controlled float (use a pair of keys to control that)

  4. -The ortho will be applied over the mesh using the textureMode NORMAL and completing the whole mesh. The mesh size is directly proportional to the DEM size.

  5. -Use a trackball mouse model to allow the user the terrain exploration

  6. -Try out the wireframe mode, and the flat and Gouraud shading modes