Computer graphics introductory course


A complete introduction to processing

As part of our computer graphics subject, we have prepared an introduction to processing for our laboratory sessions. These slides offer a general vision of processing, especially thought for computer science students.

All the information about processing is available in processing website.

Complete course in PDF:

  1. 1.Introduction to processing

  2. 2.2D basic primitives

  3. 3.Images and text

  4. 4.2D geometric transformations

  5. 5.Animation

  6. 6.Interaction

  7. 7.Introduction to 3D

  8. 8.From desktop to mobile and web NEW ! This year you will port your programs to mobile and web platforms!

New solved examples !!!!

Here, some new examples I promised you. A 3D cloth simulator, a 3D terrain viewer and a 3D bar chart. I developed them to show you the 3D possibilities of processing:

  1. -3D cloth simulator

  2. -3D terrain viewer

  3. -3D bar chart

New assignments !!!

Specifically designed for IS programmers, here you have the 5 assignments you have to complete as part of our subject:

  1. 1.Statistical and analytical data visualization

  2. 2.A simple 2D drawing application

  3. 3.Calculating the histogram of an image

  4. 4.Map retrieval and visualization

  5. 5.3D real-time terrain rendering

Additional information of this processing course (spanish version of the slides, e.g.) can be found in the subject website.

At Eurographics 2009, I had the chance to describe the advantages of processing in an introductory computer graphics course. You can get the slides of this presentation here.

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