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                  ICAPS 2006 Workshop on

Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for

Planning and Scheduling Problems

ICAPS 2006 Workshop
June 6-10, 2006

Cumbria, UK

Accepted Papers

Long papers

Factored Planning: How, When, and When Not
Ronen I. Brafman, Carmel Domshlak

Fix the Schedule or Solve Again?
Comparing Constraint-Based Approaches to Schedule Execution
Riccardo Rasconi, Nicola Policella and Amedeo Cesta

On the State Management in Plan-Space Planning from CSP Perspective
Pavel Surynek

Scheduling with uncertain durations:
generating B-robust schedules using constraint programming
Christine Wei Wu, Kenneth N. Brown, Christopher Beck

A Filtering and Decomposition Approach To Optimal Sequential Planning
Stéphane Grandcolas and Cyril Pain-Barre

Interleaving Planning and Scheduling: a Collaborative Approach
Antonio Garrido and Eva Onaindia

Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems to Model Railway Scheduling Problems
M. Abril, M.A. Salido, F. Barber, L. Ingolotti, A. lova, P. Tormos



Short papers


The Aspect of Quality in Scheduling Painting Tasks for an Automatic Robotic Spray System
Ewa Kolakowska and Ole Madsen

Reverse Combinatorial Auctions for allocating Resources in Rescue
Silvia Suárez and Beatriz López


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