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CP/ICAPS 2007 Joint Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for

Planning and Scheduling Problems

CP 2007, ICAPS 2007
September 23, 2007

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The areas of AI planning and scheduling have seen important advances thanks to the application of constraint satisfaction models and techniques. Most real-world problems are typically known as highly coupled planning and scheduling problems, where resources must be allocated so as to optimise overall performance objectives. Therefore, solving these problems requires an adequate mixture of planning, scheduling and resource allocation to competing goal activities over time in the presence of complex state-dependent constraints; i.e., solutions to these problems must integrate resource allocation and plan synthesis capabilities, which can be efficiently managed by using constraint techniques.

The workshop will aim at providing a forum for researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence to discuss novel issues on planning, scheduling, constraint programming/constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) and many other common areas that exist among them. On the whole, the workshop will mainly focus on managing complex problems where planning, scheduling and constraint satisfaction must be combined and/or interrelated, which entails an enormous potential for practical applications and future research.

This workshop continues the trail of the successful ICAPS-2006 Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Planning and Scheduling Problems. This year, the workshop is a joint workshop for both ICAPS and CP, which will provide a broader audience and give the participants of both events the opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches that lead to a valuable and fruitful discussion, and inspire forthcoming research.

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