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CP/ICAPS 2007 Joint Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for

Planning and Scheduling Problems

CP 2007, ICAPS 2007
September 23, 2007

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Accepted Papers:

1.- Iterative Improvement Strategies for Multi-Capacity Scheduling Problems
Angelo Oddi, Amedeo Cesta, Nicola Policella, Stephen F. Smith

2.- Strong,Weak, and Dynamic Consistency in Fuzzy Conditional Temporal Problems
M. Falda and F. Rossi and K. B. Venable

3.- Application of Meta-Tree-Based Distributed Search to the Railway Scheduling Problem
Montserrat Abril, Miguel A. Salido, Federico Barber

4.- Plan Coordination for Durative Tasks
J. Renze Steenhuisen and Cees Witteveen

5.- Constraint Programming for Planning Routes in an E-learning Environment
Antonio Garrido and Eva Onaindía and Oscar Sapena

6.- Planning and Scheduling Teams of Skilled Workers
Laurent Perron, Paul Shaw,Didier Vidal

7.-Extensions of the COMPLETION Constraint
András Kovács, J. Christopher Beck

8.- A Distributed CSP Approach for Solving Multi-agent Planning Problems
Oscar Sapena, Eva Onaindía, Antonio Garrido, Marlene Arangu

9.- Constraint-Based Modelling of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Gérard Verfaillie and Cédric Pralet and Michel Lemaître

10.-An Efficient Model for Dynamic and Constrained Resource Allocation Problems
Camille Besse and B. Chaib-draa

11.- Feasible Distributed CSP Models for Scheduling Problems
Miguel A. Salido




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