Research project supported by the Army Research Office (ARO) under thereference W911NF-14-1-0254.

Duration: from 2014-06-09 to 2017-06-08.

Copying in social media is a very important topic to investigate because it is becoming quite a standard way of communicating, with increased copying being considered positive because it is evidence of the higher influence of the information source. Although social copying is related to plagiarism, it has different personal and social dynamics, being not an ethical issue in social media. Therefore, it will have to be analyzed from a different perspective. No matter that, some of the techniques employed for detecting plagiarism,including paraphrasing, should be employed also for detecting social copying.


A research project supported by BBVA Data & Analytics to detect fraud on electronic transactions using Deep Learning.

Duration: from 2015 Oct to 2016 Jan.

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