Welcome to Valencia

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Valencia is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city located on the Mediterranean shore. Founded by the Romans in the year 138 BC Valencia has accumulated enormous wealth from all the cultures which have resided here over the centuries (Muslim, Gothic …). Stroll through Valencia and feel the plurality and evolution of a city where prosperous historical tradition and recent and innovative architecture stand side by side.

The historic centre with its religious temples, Gothic, Baroque and Modernist monuments, the varied and renowned museums, the architectural projects such as the city of Arts and Science, and the Conference Palace are but a few of the many attractions which Valencia has to offer its visitors.

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								the city of the sciences, cathedral, paella, serranos tower, port and beach

Valencia, symbol of the Third Millennium, is an avant-garde city with modern infrastructures and an innovative cultural scene. It is also a city of science and technology, with its brand-new infrastructures.

This beautiful Mediterranean city enjoys a mild temperate climate and offers a wealth of culinary delights, festivals and cultural events.

Visit Valencia and enjoy the very pleasant surprises it can offer.


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